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Tantra byron bay

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Who Are You As An Erotic Being?

If someone asked you this question, how would you answer? Could you give them a clear and detailed answer?

Have you noticed how conventional sex somehow, just magically expects us to know how to be good lovers without offering us the quality of education we need to meet ourselves in this way or how to build the skills that it takes to create that with another?

Conventional sex supports the idea that it should all just happen “naturally”. That minimal communication is required to create great relationships. That when we enter into sexual experiences, we shouldn’t have to talk, that various unspoken signals and chemistry should be enough to get us through - right? Ummm not quite.....

This transpires into a result of us not knowing ourselves....

* Not knowing what makes up our unique sexual signature of who we are, what we require and what we are bringing as erotic beings

* Not knowing our own needs, what our limits are, what's too much or what's not enough

* Not having the languaging skills that can clearly and accurately inform your lover what it is you are feeling, experiencing or requiring

* Not knowing how to express your desires in a way that they can more successfully land with your lover

* Not having a solid connection to our bodies and being trapped in our minds

* Not having a relaxed nervous system and meeting sex with too much tension

Conventional sex is about closing our eyes and hoping for the best experiences. There's no doubt we do have great experiences this way, however over the course of our lifetime, it’s a pretty hit and miss approach to have. We have long lineages of shame, guilt and fear attached to speaking about our sex openly and clearly.

We spend our time assuming most things, pretending and not wanting to draw attention to how much we actually don't know, falling into being a pleaser and not wanting to offend others, fearing the loss of connection, creating protective masks, projecting illusions about the connection and having unnecessary dramas/conflict play out as a result.

For many being straight forward, honest and authentic and communicating with clarity is something quite foreign that they’ve not experienced before or had modelled to them much in their lives.

As your ally on this journey, this is an invitation for you to join me as we unpack and discover who you are as a sexual being, what you require for your needs to be met and learn the skills required for you to navigate this intimate terrain.

When we know who we are, we can move forward feeling confident and empowered in how we are creating the kinds of experiences and the types of relationships we want to be having.

6 Week Exploration

6 X 75 minute online sessions scheduled weekly $900

12 Week Exploration

6 X 90 minute online sessions scheduled fortnightly $1200

24 WEEK Exploration

12 X 90 minute online sessions scheduled fortnightly $2400

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