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Tantra byron bay

~ Phone: 0425 347 477 ~

~ Sessions For Men ~ Deep Masculine Honouring ~

I have a deep love for men. I know as a woman, I carry the power to open, empower & support men

to achieve great things in our world. I do this from love, honour & reverence and in so doing, I assist in

the creation towards connected, empowered men.

At the core of my teachings, I am teaching you how to love - love yourself, connect more fully to yourself,

show you how to access and channel parts of yourself that you may not even know exist. Together, we

explore this through your sexuality, your life force. The benefits of this are many, in how you show up

in the world & how you interact with the feminine. I look forward to working with you....

~ Different Session Types ~

Every session is created to suit your individual needs. The following session descriptions are a guideline, designed to 

give you a sense of what is possible in your sessions. If you require something different please let me know. 

Sessions can be Coaching Only or Coaching with Bodywork.

~ Tantra Massage & Tuition ~ 

Truly a very special experience. Tantric Temple Massage engages every aspect of you - your mind, body, emotions, sexuality & spirituality.

Tantric Massage could easily be described as a transformational doorway, holding just the right keys to unlock the next level of your highest potential.

These sessions offer you an opportunity to awaken new qualities of your awareness and solidify that, through hightened pleasure into your body.

Each Session Consists of Discussion, Education, Meditation/Relaxation, Breath, Sound, Movement & Intimacy Exercises, Sacred Body Touch Massage, Lingam & Prostate Massage if appropriate. Every session is tailor made to suit your individual needs.

You May Feel Any or All of the Following:

* Deeply Connected & Expansive States of Being

* A Sense of "Peeling off the Layers" 

* Intense Emotions & Emotional Release

* Re-Claimation of Personal Power

* Full Body Orgasmic States of Being

* Tingling, Shaking or Spasming Vibrations

* Limitless Bliss, Deep Inner Peace & Relaxation 

* New Insights to Most Areas of Your Life

* Profound "Aha" moments

* Memories & Past Life Recall

* Heart Opening

* Multi-Orgasmic Waves

* A Sense of Integration to Yourself & All That Is

* New Skills that you can use for the rest of your life

For more information about what happens in my Tantric Massage Sessions please visit the Private Sessions page and read my Session Guidelines page prior to booking.

Minimum Exchange

Single Session: - Pay As You Go 3 Hours $500 (additional hours $150 per hour thereafter ) 

3 Session Package: Paid Upfront $1350

~ Men's Sexual Health ~

Over the years, i have seen thousands of male clients and have accumulated a healthy body of knowledge in men's sexual health. Together, we assist you in building your confidence and learning the skills required to move through your sexual health challenges.

Through experience, I have an excellent track record of success with:

* Erectile Fluctuation - Mastering erection challenges

* Early Ejaculation - Learning how to extend your pleasure time

* Delayed Ejaculation - Learning how to regulate tension and let go

* Post Prostate Surgery Removal Support - Navigating the physical & emotional changes of your first 12 months

* Post Vasectomy Support - Navigating the physical & emotional changes of your first 12 months

Minimum Exchange:

Single Session With Bodywork: - Pay As You Go 3 Hours $500 (additional hours $150 per hour thereafter )

3 Session Package: Paid Upfront $1350

Single Session Coaching Only - Pay As You Go 2 Hours $400

3 Session Package: Paid Upfront $1050

~ Sexological Bodywork Sessions ~

These sessions offer experiential learning opportunities that consciously access profound ecstatic and erotic states. Sessions include a variety of educational modalities that include, breath work, conscious movement, touch, erotic massage, pelvic release bodywork, scar tissue remediation and orgasmic yoga coaching. 

Sexological Bodywork supports individuals & couples to learn how to direct their own erotic development, learn about their bodies, sex and sexuality and/or work through sexual issues or concerns.

Minimum Exchange: Single Session - Pay As You Go 3 Hours $500 (additional hours $150 per hour thereafter )

3 Session Package: Paid Upfront $1350

~ Taoist Erotic Massage ~

Taoist Erotic Massage expands your capacity for pleasure. It awakens & enlivens every cell of your being with erotic energy. We work together, charging your body with breath, sound & movement to create profound, altered states of arousal. We use the "Big Draw" to circulate & peak your sexual energy. There is plenty of orgasmic energy with no ejaculation in this session.

Minimum Exchange:

Single Session - Pay As You Go 3 Hours $500 (additional hours $150 per hour thereafter )

3 Session Package: Paid Upfront $1350

~ Shades of Pleasure Arousal Journey ~

Sometimes we are like kids in a candy store & we don't know what all the flavours are! This is an exploratory session that traverses a broad range of different types of exquisite touch & applies a variety of sumptuous textures. We build our arousal through soft & light, gradually opening into more enlivening darker shades of the spectrum. It's amazing how a soft blow on the skin or a thwack of a smack can open us and take us to a whole new level of arousal.

Depending on how long you book your session for, we can add in delicious morsels of food to taste, mind altering sounds that reverberate throughout your body & exquisite scents to awaken your senses.

Minimum Exchange:

Single Session: - Pay As You Go 3 Hours $500 (additional hours $150 per hour thereafter )

3 Session Package: Paid Upfront $1350

~ Self Care, Total Indulgence Journey ~

Feeling a little low on juice? This is a gorgeous experience that will well and truly assist you to top up your tanks. Beginning with a full body scrub with a specially prepared himalayan salt, we'll peel back and support you to shed a few layers both mentally and physically. 

You will then be transported into an infrared sauna, given a specially prepared cleansing drink and time to sit in quiet whilst sweating out old toxins...

A divine spa bath awaits you with a platter of fresh fruit in season, after a deeply relaxing soak you are ready to receive some sacred touch with a full body Tantra Massage.

Minimum Exchange:

Single Session - Pay As You Go 3 Hours $500 (additional hours $150 per hour thereafter )

3 Session Package: Paid Upfront $1350

~ Learn How To Give A Yoni Massage & Yoni Mapping Experience ~

This is a magnificent opportunity for you to update your skills and learn all about women's anatomy and her arousal system. If you want to know how to really open a woman to her greatest bliss, this session offers you the essential keys & practical tools to take her there. This is a talking only session.

You Will Learn:

* How to Provide What a Woman Wants Sexually

* How to Cultivate Trust, Intimacy & Reverence in the Way You Approach & Relate to Women

* Understand How a Women's Arousal System Really Works

* Learn How to Create Deep States of Relaxation & Build Arousal

* Understand the Importance of Breast and Yoni connection

* Breast Massage Techniques

* Yoni Mapping & Massage Techniques

* How to Connect Your Sexual Desire with Your Heart and Hands

Minimum Exchange: 2 Hours $400, 3 Hours $500, additional hours $150 per hour thereafter.

~ Skype/Zoom Coaching Sessions ~  

Divine Lover Online Coaching Program

Revolutionise the way you meet sexual energy and take your skill set to the next level. Join Eve for 6 X 1 hour Skype/Zoom Sessions over 6 or 12 weeks - this includes practice exercises in between sessions. Program is tailor made to suit your individual requirements.

6 X 60 Minute Sessions $1350

(Discount for upfront payment, when paid in full prior to your session start)

Online Coaching Sessions

Tune in from anywhere in the world!

Single Sessions 60 Minutes $250

~ Multiple Session Packages ~

3 X 3 Hour Sexuality Sessions With Full Body Touch & Coaching

$1350 - Save $150 When paid upfront

6 X 3 Hour Sexuality Sessions With Full Body Touch & Coaching

$2600 - Save $400 when paid upfront

Full Day & Multiple Day Sessions with Follow Up Online Coaching

Ask For A Quote

~ Testimonial ~

"Eve is truly a master - without the egoic stature or facade that sometimes accompanies that mastery. She is all "open heart" from the moment you walk through the door. Eve aligns directly with spirit - and is a powerful channel of Universal Life Force Energy - listening, directing, deepening - she maintains a warm and unlimited connection throughout the session. It was a blessing and an honour to share this experience with someone who walks the Goddess energy with purity and in service to consciousness. If you've found yourself considering a session with Eve - it's no accident - it is likely to be just what you need."

Nathan, Practitioner 

~ Make An Enquiry ~

Please read my Session Guidelines,

prior to booking a session.

Many Thanks

Im Interested In:
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    ~ Tantric Wisdom ~

"With practice, deep consciousness pervades every stirring of your heart, belly, and breath. It is as if your sexing was the play of ripples on the surface, but the deep ocean currents were its source. The depth of consciousness unfolds through your heart and breath and belly, and this is sex. Sex is consciousness unfolded through the body as love."

David Dieda

~ Tantric Wisdom ~

"In order to move to a new level of sexuality, 

you can retrain your nervous system. 

You can learn to relax your old tendencies of habitually 

building up and then releasing sexual tension. 

You can learn to use your breath to circulate unimpeded 

energy throughout your whole body and through every 

shade of your emotional spectrum all day. 

You can practice relaxing into the bliss of your deep 

being and then expressing it as love through the 

openness of your body."

David Dieda