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Tantra byron bay

~ Phone: 0425 347 477 ~

Sex Sonics - More Sound, More Pleasure

We have been forever conditioned to "keep the lid on" or to "keep it down" when sounding our sexual pleasure. This has resulted in a diminished capacity of experiencing our pleasure and the fullness of our sexual nature.

Remember a time when you've been really vocal with your sexual expression, do you remember how alive you felt? how it heightened your experience? how much more pleasure you were able to feel? Now remember an experience of how you felt when you were totally silent.....

Conscious sound creates more presence, more connectedness, more embodiment & more pleasure. It offers us an incredible sense of freedom and expansiveness when we re-claim our right to "make noise" and be heard.

Sex Sonics opens the energy channels of the body through tuning forks and sounding.

It particularly relates to the central channnel or the "inner flute" from the throat to the genitals. 

In a Sex Sonics body work session, we begin with several exercises to open the throat and connect the throat, heart & genitals together. We then take it to the body, using body maps of meridian points for different sexual issues/desires. We focus on moving sound and frequency through the various points of the body. We can stimulate our kundalini flow, increase our capacity for orgasm, melt tension & express a full range of emotion. Sound helps us to express and release our feelings, without having to engage the mind.

Co - Created by Sound Practitioner, Ashera Hart (Bali) and Somatic Sex Educator, Eve Glimma (Australia), Sex Sonics bodywork sessions are now available and you can book your session with Eve now, by filling out the contact form on this page.

Sex Sonics Testimonials

"I really didn’t know what to expect when I booked a Sex Sonics session with Eve and Ashera, but I knew that I wanted to go deeper, to release some of my blockages and connect more fully with my body. I got everything I wanted and more. These amazing women held space in a beautiful way. I felt comfortable and safe, and this allowed me to go deeper into feeling than I have been able to for some time. I found myself relaxed, at peace, and enjoying a sense of serenity which I can’t remember in times before my session. One of the remarkable and unexpected benefits was the change in my personal interactions. This sense of comfort has extended into every communication I have, and it has helped to transform my interactions with others, release my inhibitions, and open up in a way which I never realized possible. Deepest gratitude to Ashera Hart and Eve Glimma on every level".

Israel - USA

“I had the great privilege to receive a Sound Healing Session from Ashera and Eve.

Their skill set complemented each other well and it was obvious to me that they prepared for this session with a lot of forethought. It was clear to me that the opening exercises were designed to get me into my body and out of my head, which was exactly what was called for. As a result, by the time I was on the massage table, I quickly went into a deeply relaxed state.

A feeling of well-being permeated my awareness and time completely vanished. I was immersed in beautifully relaxing sounds and the most delicious sense of pure beingness. I would wholeheartedly recommend these remarkable women as a team as I can honestly say it was one of the most profoundly peaceful experiences of my life.”

Gaelyn L.

Contact Eve Ph (61) 0425 347 477

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~ Tantric Wisdom ~

“The magic of “Musical Medicine” will come into its own. The application of such healing potencies will not be limited just to man’s body and mind. It will be an agency for building and healing his soul as well.”

Corinne Heline