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Tantra byron bay

~ Phone: 0425 347 477 ~

~ Snuggle UP Sessions ~

Snuggle Up Sessions are completely platonic experiences that satisfy our human needs of touch without acting upon sexual energy.

So many of us today need the closeness of another loving being and it's most unfortunate that we don't always have the opportunity or means to experience this.

It's widely known how cuddling & snuggling make a significant improvement to our mental, emotional & physical health. Snuggling close with another increases endorphins and stimulates the release of oxytocin, seratonin & dopamine - the hormones responsible for making us feel GOOD & facilitating the bonding between us humans.

Snuggling lowers the heart rate, reduces stress, anxiety, social anxiety, depression & chronic pain. It helps us to feel safe, confident, secure, loved, connected to & we sleep so much better. Snuggles can also be an awesome way to learn relating skills.

Our snuggling sessions are inspired by what you most need to experience or feel. It may be a long time since you have received quality 'no strings attached' feminine affection. You may purely require a safe space for me to hold you through a tough time - we can be quiet and listen to music or you may like to talk & share what's been happening for you. We may share some beautiful affection, exploring cuddling positions, sweet embraces, scratching backs, hair stroking, gentle massage, loving touch etc

Our session may evolve into laughter & playfulness eg. tickle fest, sharing jokes, singing songs, rolling around - snorting & laughing, pillow fighting & affectionate play. Everyone's needs are different and our sessions unfold in a way that always honours you - wherever you are at.

~ Common Questions ~

What Do You Wear in A Snuggle Session?

You can wear your trackies, PJ's or any loose, comfortable clothing. The minimum is shorts & a t-shirt.

What Happens If I Get Aroused in A Snuggle Session?

You are not made wrong for feeling sexual energy. Its completely natural to become aroused being in such close proximity to another being. Sexual energy will be acknowledged, it won't be encouraged any further or acted upon. We can take a quick break if necessary and then resume to snuggling. This is not a sexual session - if you require a session that includes sexual energy - please view my other offerings.

Where Can We Touch Each Other?

With agreement, all areas other than genital areas, breast area & buttocks areas.

Who Can Snuggle?

Everyone can snuggle. Snuggling does not exclude gender, race or age. Snuggling can be great for couples.

What kind of snuggle sessions are there & how much do they cost?

Satisfying Snuggle: 1 hour $200

Bring Your Blanky Snuggle: 2 Hours $300

Couples Snuggle: 1 Hour $300 - Snuggling both of you!

Snuggle & a Movie: 3 hours $400 - Snuggle Up! and watch Your Favourite Movie

Group & Corporate Snuggles - Team building at it's best! Please ask for a Quote

~ Book Your SNUGGLE Session Here ~

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