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Tantra byron bay

~ Phone: 0425 347 477 ~

Sydney Tantra Temple Vision

Just before I began this work, I had a vision, a snapshot of how the temples operated and what my position in that was.

I saw the ancient working goddess temples of old, I saw how the men after being decimated at war returned to the temples of the goddess to receive love & transformation. Their bodies fed with wholesome food & wine, cleansed & bathed in the healing waters of the temple, nurtured with loving touch and made love to, the shards of their hearts united. In this way, they were then returned to their families in peace.... 

The goddess's themselves were integral members of the community, highly respected, given social status, education and the only women to ever inherit land. The Temples & the Goddesses played a pivotal, central role in the healthy running of each community.

I call the Temples back to the planet as war, chaos & conflicts continue worldwide, I call on the goddess to re-instate these temples, to hold the feminine anchor, displaying her strong hand through soft, tender discernment, exhibiting her clarity & gracing us with her natural, unfolding wisdom.

I call on the healthy masculine to step up & focus on what's really important, use your beautiful, logistical minds to build & hold the structure, create safety with your strength & power. Support the feminine to fill the spaces of this structure, so that she can reveal & nourish us all with her beauty.

In a way, we are all returning from war...... 

A Modern Day Temple - The Intention

Fundamentally, I see the temple as a school of life affirmation. A place where each individual is seen & acknowledged for their sovereignty and accepted for the entirety of their being. A sanctuary, of comfort & safety to unwind & unfold into the fullness of their human experience. A place where each person can hear themselves and their own call to their highest capacity. 

The education is quality, high calibre teachings that inexplicably resonate within our bodies. The delivery is offered in love as love, life affirming encouragement that reminds us and gives us permission to show & express our true natures.

The many and varied topics that will be covered, inspire an approach to life that encompasses and integrates sexuality & embodiment, feelings & emotions, personal growth & development, consciousness & awareness, community camaraderie and care taking of our mother earth.

It is this Temples intention to build bridges and create a living embodiment of the highest teachings that are appreciated, respected, embraced & revered by the public and wider community. A central point, where sexual education finds its integral value in our everyday lives, re-claiming, re-writing & transforming our old stories that no longer serve us all.

Each person who visits the Temple is encouraged to learn every aspect of Sexual Self Mastery. The tools are provided for healthy, conscious relating and we encourage those we train to continue their practices within their own sacred spaces, within their own homes and into each relationship they have. 

Stage 1 Vision

The Sydney Temple is an experiential prototype. An opportunity to seed and solidify the Temple's intention and for guests to experience the quality of the Temple experience. Beginning with an intimate small venue, offering private sessions, online programs, classes, workshops & exquisite events with myself & gifted guest teachers.

Stage 2 Vision

As the Temple expands into a community vision, we will acquire larger premises to house our Temple & School. Leading teachers & elders from around the world will be invited to gather & share their innate gifts with us... this will be a centre where we can learn and support each other, offering additional intensives & trainings on an ever expansive array of subjects. 

Stage 3 Vision

Our highly successful, re-usable model will be re-produced at particular vantage points around the globe - returning our Temples to our planet.

How Can You Be Involved?

This vision is larger than any one person. I share this vision with each of you, inviting your kind support. This is a community project, aimed at the improvement of society at the deepest levels for the widest reach. I welcome your assistance physically and financially. The door is open to those who would like to mentor or be an advisor. Perhaps you have a vision which can be aligned with this work. Perhaps you would like to teach or study. You may recognize the great value of this work and the deep need for it in the world and have the means to donate financially. The support you provide will help us to share our vision with the world and raise our work to the next level. Let’s come together and co-create, bringing this work forward into the world.

I bow down in immense gratitude for your presence and heartful support. To help manifest this vision, please contact me here.

Contact Eve

(61) 0425 347 477

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~ Tantric Wisdom ~

"One of the deepest and most transformative aspects of the human condition is sexuality. Our relationship with intimacy begins with ourselves and extends into the fabric of our daily lives, into every interaction and communication which form the foundation of our world. Intimacy means being real. It begins with acceptance and surrender to the beauty and to the ugliness.  

Every human being experiences fears, sadness, anger, shame, and it is in accepting these aspects of ourselves that we move past the barriers we place around our heart. We step out to make real, healing contact with one another. By honoring our shadow and our vulnerability, we give ourselves permission to honor our beauty and the light that shines from the hearts of all beings. The deepest healing comes in the form of sharing our vulnerability. This is Love.'

I. Bouseman